Sunday, 10 May 2015

The "wrong" result

So the Tories have a won a majority in parliament. That took a lot of people by surprise but of course, not everyone is happy.

The Left are absolutely fuming, crying that the result is undemocratic and demanding the voting system be changed to proportional representation. All this because the Tories ended up with a majority from 36.9% of the vote. To understand their outrage better, I think we need to look this in the context of previous elections. Here's some details of the last four:

In 2001 and 2005, Labour won a majority with fewer votes than the Tories this time around. Remember the outrage and riots back then? Anyone?

If the solution to their problem is PR, they may want to consider this; the most likely outcome in that situation would be a Tory/Ukip coalition. I'm not sure they've thought this one through...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Passport tax?

Ed Balls on the Andrew Marr show said:
“But if people are actually setting up false structures to avoid paying tax or going off to live in Switzerland to avoid paying their fare share of tax we will crack down in a way the Tories have completely failed.”
So if I go off to live in Switzerland, it's easy for me to avoid tax in the UK by not actually having any tax liabilities arising in the UK, e.g. if all of my income is earned in Switzerland. There's fuck all Ed Balls can do about that at the moment, unless Labour has plans to make UK citizens subject to UK taxes wherever they live, like the US system. Perhaps he really is looking at that. The twat.