Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Occutards are back

Occupy are back, this time trying to occupy Parliament Square. Being led by professional protesters, they knew full well that protesting there is banned, as is camping. They then acted surprised when they were carted off by the coppers for trying to set up another one of their squalid camps. Combined with the cries of police brutality, it was just a pathetic attempt to evoke sympathy, a tactic used by them heavily in the past. Nothing has changed there then; same people, same bat-shit insane ideas. 

What has changed though is that the media has mostly stayed away, something that has enraged them. There probably hasn't been an hour that has gone by this week without some "why are the BBC ignoring us" tweet or variation on that theme. Maybe this picture might help explain why:

Because a bunch of unemployable crustifarians sitting around on a tarpaulin isn't news. Really, take a step back and think why what is going on in this image would ever be considered newsworthy.

What is particularly fucking stupid is they have spent the week listening to speakers who are preaching to the converted and are now formulating a list of demands for "real democracy". We heard this shit three years ago, it came to nothing and they're still waiting for their revolution to happen just like that.

What may come as a disappointment to them is that in spite of what Russell Brand proclaims, there will be no revolution. And we do have democracy in this country; don't like the Tories, Labour, or the Lib-Dems? Vote Green or Ukip if that's your thing - both parties have elected representatives at a local, national, and European level. Still not fussed by any of these? Vote for an independent - Bristol voted elected an independent candidate for mayor a couple of years back. Still not happy? Then stand for election yourself; you have that right, nothing is stopping you. But then starts the policy formulation, fund raising, meetings, canvassing, and generally getting your name and what you stand for out there. That's what you need to do if you want to effect change. It's damn hard work of course, certainly a lot more effort than sitting around stoned out of your gourd for a week bating the police. It does speak volumes why they've chosen the latter route again...