Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Criticism will not be tolerated

It was interesting to note that the following comment from the Russell Brand article was removed from The People's Assembly website:
ghost whistler commented 2014-05-04 12:56:17 +0100 
Is this a fucking joke? 
A year ago you had your assembly meeting in London. A year ago you sat on your hands and held a talking shop for privileged media interests and political parasites. A year ago you did FUCK ALL to help those of us desperate to believe an alternative to this austerity wasteland being forced on us. While people begged you to get off your fat fucking arses, as spokespeople, to do SOMETHING, all you did was pledge to have…another fucking meeting. 
What good are you? What’s the point of you? I don’t enjoy criticism and I don’t want to sow division but while Owen fucking Jones talks – again – or while Mark Steele cracks the same joke – again – or while some token Labour cunt who won’t reject the party he’s a member of despite their continued betrayal of socialism and society, you DO nothing.  
You sit and have your fucking workshops, you encourage good people to participate and you piss their hope and enthusiasm down the fucking toilet. Each. And. Every. Time.
You sit there with representatives from the capitalist friendly ‘dont rock the boat too much’ unions who say they stand with the poor and the disenfranchised. The likes of Mark fucking Serwotka who oversees a union who’s members are ACTIVELY engaged in the forced destitution and deprivation of the sick, the poor and the mentally unwell.  
These people do not deserve support. They deserve to be forced to make a choice: either you walk the walk, or we want no part of you. If the PCS, for example, will not strike over conditions that affect them as they do the precariat forced to attend their DWP gulags then show them THE FUCKING DOOR!  
Either you fight, or you forget it. I am not remotely interested in millionaire tossers like Russel Brand who have no conception of the reality of the lives of the poor in this country and who treat everything as a fucking joke. Let him do his comedy turn at JOngleurs. What answers does he have? None. What has he actually done on behalf of the unemployed facing IDS’s pogroms? What has he done for DPAC or the disabled or carers or against the Bedroom Tax? Nothing. Why are you tolerating this fucking vacuous piece of shit who’s worldview is a confused superficial mess of pop pyschology and student level mystical woo woo, who panders to the ideology of racist conspiracy idiots like David fucking Icke?  
FIGHT! Get on the streets and fucking FIGHT! Don’t just parade around providing a photo op for Milibland. Fight to take back what is ours.  
It’s either that or we lose everything.
Thank you Google cache.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Some questions on the Left

This was spurred on by a recent posting from The People's Assembly who are bigging up multi-millionaire 1%er Russell Brand as their new poster boy. Nearly a year on and they are planning another march and festival as well as a fund-raising comedy gig. What I'm trying to work out is what exactly they think they will achieve by doing this. It's all very well threatening to bring down the government and demanding an alternative to austerity but meandering down the street with a samba band probably isn't going help you meet your objectives.

This got me thinking; why is it that groups like People's Assembly and Occupy never get beyond waving a few placards and sitting in endless meetings? And not only that, they do this over and over again and then wonder why nothing has changed. What is it about the mentality of these groups that stops them moving from talking about stuff to actually doing stuff?