Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Free Breakfast

There's a problem and the council are here to help:
Free breakfasts for all primary school pupils are to be provided by a council, in a three-month pilot project to stop children starting the day hungry. 
Blackpool council says teachers are finding too many pupils coming to school without having any breakfast. 
Council leader Simon Blackburn says a healthy meal before lessons will help pupils "focus on learning".
I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Blackburn but what exactly is the root cause of this problem?
"In many families, parents are leaving children to fend for themselves in the morning. This is because some parents simply don't have the time or inclination to prepare breakfast, let alone supervise their children or encourage them to eat it," says the report into teachers' experiences of children who arrive at school unfed.
So it isn't "Vicious Tory Cuts" but once again it's shite parenting. Some parents don't have the time or inclination to feed their children? Seriously? That's part of the job description of being a parent. You fail.

The council, being fully aware of this, is not tackling the root cause of the problem and by providing the breakfasts is reinforcing that the behaviour of the parents is OK. After all, if they know that their children will be fed at school then there's zero chance of them shifting their chav arses out of their beds and putting some cereal and milk in a bowl for them.

On a final note, I wonder what Andy Burnham would make of councils providing free Frosties to children whose parents can't be arsed to feed them?

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