Tuesday, 5 June 2012

*Sigh* Not Again...

Investigations editor for the Observer Rajeev Syal has a hard-on for telco Lycamobile. Indeed, there are three stories with his name against them in the last six weeks:

Tories' third largest donor is company that paid no tax for three years

Boris Johnson's campaign uses offices of firm that paid no tax for three years

All say pretty much the same thing; that the company pays no corporation tax and donated to Boris Johnson's mayoral campaign war chest. Both of these things are true, and it is clear from the articles that Syal has been getting his data from Companies House. Disingenuously, he's used the revenue figures in the accounts and ignored profit, with corporation tax of course being calculated on the latter rather than the former. I explained why no corporation tax was due here and Misanthrope Girl has the numbers, the company being loss making for the years in question. Without bothering to use the relevant figures, the articles just promote ignorance and serve to reinforce reader prejudice:

And one can only speculate that is the motive behind them, unless Mr. Syal really has no clue what he is talking about.

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