Monday, 5 May 2014

Some questions on the Left

This was spurred on by a recent posting from The People's Assembly who are bigging up multi-millionaire 1%er Russell Brand as their new poster boy. Nearly a year on and they are planning another march and festival as well as a fund-raising comedy gig. What I'm trying to work out is what exactly they think they will achieve by doing this. It's all very well threatening to bring down the government and demanding an alternative to austerity but meandering down the street with a samba band probably isn't going help you meet your objectives.

This got me thinking; why is it that groups like People's Assembly and Occupy never get beyond waving a few placards and sitting in endless meetings? And not only that, they do this over and over again and then wonder why nothing has changed. What is it about the mentality of these groups that stops them moving from talking about stuff to actually doing stuff?

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