Saturday, 13 April 2013

When is an eviction not an eviction?

When UK Uncut have anything to do with it, it seems.

Here's shameless self-promoter and lefty gob almighty Owen Jones at today's "bedroom tax" protests:

Collins defines eviction as:

eviction (ɪˈvɪkʃ ən) 
the act or process of forcing someone to leave a house or piece of land by process of law.

What it doesn't define eviction as is hanging around outside someones house holding a busted placard with a misleading statement on it. Lord Freud still owns the property and can do with it as he wishes. In fact, if this Mirror article is anything to go by, Freud wasn't even in at the time:
Lord Freud owns a huge, historic country pile – one of the oldest in England – in Kent, which he uses for weekends and holidays. 

Just like "bedroom tax" (which as we know is a reduction in benefits and not a compulsory contribution to government coffers) and "the 1%" (which isn't actually 1%), the left are resorting to doublespeak to get their message across. Ignorance is strength and all that.

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  1. The continued deluded beliefs held by some on the Left must surely constitute some form of mental illness.