Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fags, illegals, and pikeys

Further to a previous blog post, this from the Mail:
The teenage girl forced to resign as the country's first youth crime commissioner after offensive rants were discovered on her Twitter account will not face police action, it was confirmed today. 
Paris Brown, 17, was appointed to the £15,000-a-year role to help Kent Police 'stay in touch with young people' by providing their views on policing, but stepped down amid claims tweets she posted on her personal account were homophobic, racist and violent. 
The teenager was questioned over the posts by officers from Kent Police's Special Branch, but the force said today it would take 'no further action' after concluding the case 'does not pass the evidential threshold for prosecution'.
Now it is worth pointing out that the police were investigating because of complaints made by the public, more than 50 of them in fact. They are duty-bound to do so, although I have my own views on how they should be dealing with similar situations. What's also worth pointing out is that:

  • No one died
  • No one was injured
  • No threats were made
  • No one was deceived, conned, or lost money
  • No one was deprived of their property
  • There was no incitement of violence
  • There was no incitement of hatred

So what it really boils down to is fifty bedwetters with nothing better to do than to waste police time have grassed up a teenager for saying "nigger" on Twitter a few years ago based on reports that they saw in the papers. What sad times we live in.

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