Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The people are revolting

From Owen Jones in the Indy:
On Tuesday, I’ll be helping to launch the People’s Assembly with Green MP Caroline Lucas,my fellow Independent columnist Mark Steel, disability rights campaigner Francesca Martinez, Labour MP Katy Clark, and leading trade unionists. The aim of the Assembly is to unite all opponents of the horror show being inflicted on this country. On 22 June, there will be a 3,500-strong meeting at Westminster Central Hall, but in the meantime, I and others will be touring the country, encouraging local groups to be set up in every town and city.
So it's going to be yet another protest collective in a race to the furthest reaches of the left then.

Noting the union presence, we can expect a few strikes gaining about as much attention and public sympathy as the last lot, i.e. fuck all, and Ed Miliband held to ransom over Labour party funding. Looking at the electoral success of union candidates in previous elections, it's fair to say that there is unlikely to be much support for them at the ballot box should they go down that route.

The winner in all of this then is Owen Jones; supported on his grand publicity tour of Britain by friendly left wing newspapers and bloggers, he'll be awarded his campaign organiser wings and no doubt a cushy union job to supplement his Indy column. Up the workers comrades!

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  1. As a staunch supporter of (Old) Labour and a Trade Unionist, I can honestly say I'm sick to fucking death of hearing and seeing Owen Jones. I just wish the poster boy of the Left Meeja would STFU and let someone else get a word in edgeways. Working-class Northerner? Like fuck he is.