Friday, 22 March 2013

Occupying the ballot box?

The Common Councilmen elections took place in the City of London on Thursday and that's a timely reminder to revisit two blog posts of mine to see how Occupy fared in it's attempt to "bring democracy to the City".

Let's go back to July 2012 and failed Common Councilman candidate Bryn Phillips; he was promising some big things:
"We want to renew the balance of power in the City and then the country at large," he said. "There will be full elections on 13 February next year and Occupy will be fielding a full slate of candidates at that point. We hope today will be just the starting point."
What this boast has morphed into is the City Reform Group, which denies having anything to do with Occupy, although having the same activists, supporters, and conspiracy theories behind it say otherwise (as do the papers).

So let's check out this "full slate" of candidates - 100 seats were up for grabs across 25 wards. However if I'm not mistaken, they've only managed to scrape together 21 candidates covering 16 wards to take "the pledge".

How did they do? Well only one candidate, Paddy Streeter, described by the Guardian as "the poor man's Boris Johnson and would-be Lib Dem London mayoral candidate", was elected to the last seat in the Bishopsgate ward by a margin of eight votes.

Sounds like a resounding "no" to hippy politics then.

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