Thursday, 14 February 2013

More burning of our money

Towns handed £100,000 to save their ailing High Streets in Mary Portas rescue scheme 'have squandered cash on Peppa Pig costumes'
Say the Daily Mail. OK, I sort of understand where they are coming from - they want a draw to the high street, get the families in spending money and the kids get entertained by a popular cartoon character. Everyone is happy but...
Elsewhere, Dartford Council spent £1,160 hiring a person in a Peppa Pig costume, £317.46 on items from Waitrose, £5,983 o newspaper surveys and £1,317 on surveys.
The spokesman said: 'The council hired Peppa Pig for the day as it's a proven way to draw in families to events.'
£1,160 for a day? How on Earth have they managed to spend that much? It's a bloke in a costume for goodness sake. To put that in perspective:

Two lowish grade council workers, one in the costume and one acting as a minder, both on double time - £300. Peppa Pig costumer hire £25. Total - £325. 

Of course, it's very easy to spend money frivolously when it's not your own.

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