Sunday, 3 February 2013

Labour Language

Guido Fawkes on Order Order says:
The so-called “bedroom tax” will see tenants in social housing who are deemed to be under-occupying their homes lose part of their housing benefit. See the difference? 
The “bedroom tax” is not a tax at all, but actually a welfare transfer. If you are under-occupying your social housing you do not have to pay the state any money, you will simply receive a smaller handout from the taxpayer.But then Owen, and Kevin and Ian and Ed and Rachel all knew this already.
And he's right, but consider this also; Labour are using the word tax for a good reason. If they say that they will reverse the "bedroom tax" they are trying to imply that they would be cutting taxes. What they would actually be doing is maintaining or increasing welfare payments. Now which spin on it is more palatable to the voting public I wonder?

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