Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coalition success on tax avoidance

On 8th December last year, members of UK Uncut protested at various branches of Starbucks due to their "tax avoidance practices". Here's one of their banners:

That's a pretty large figure for avoidance but there's some good news; it has come down:
Margaret Hodge: tax avoidance costs the Treasury £5bn a year
The exchequer loses at least £5bn a year because the taxman is failing to crack down on "morally wrong" tax avoidance schemes similar to the one used by comedian Jimmy Carr, the chair of the Commons public accounts committee warns today.
A £65bn reduction in under three months is quite spectacular and the coalition government should be congratulated on this achievement. Or instead, perhaps we should be taking UK Uncut to task for telling fucking lies again.

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