Sunday, 30 December 2012

When realisation dawns

Is this the last Occupy London "General Assembly"?

Proposal – Climate Siren Costs
CONSENSUS – Only 3 attendees consent, all others STAND ASIDE – £500 between 4 people.

Proposal – Obstruction Charges Indemnity
CONSENSUS – £500 indemnity granted.

Discussion – The future of GAs
This is wonderful; in a nutshell, four activists were convicted for buggering around outside of Buckingham Palace and another two are up in court for obstructing a police officer. Both events unrelated to Occupy. They now want Occupy to cover their court costs but only two of them could be arsed to turn up to make their case. In a fit of apathy, the proposals are let through.

So why the apathy? Well it's taken them a while but reading through the minutes they've finally realised that:

  • The professional activists, basically the inner circle and defacto leaders of Occupy London, like George Barda and Naomi Colvin fucked off long ago.
  • No one outside of the inner circle had any say in the major decisions or actions of Occupy London.
  • The homeless and even the named defendant for the St. Paul's camp Tammy Samede were "cynically used to further the cause."
  • Hypocrisy reigns.

And there you have it; Occupy London has fulfilled its purpose - furthering the careers and enhancing the profiles of the professional activists through media attention and anyone else can get to fuck.

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