Saturday, 29 December 2012

The professionally offended

Some Scousers have reported a Scouser to the police for mocking Scousers and the Hillsborough disaster:
A MAN was arrested after launching a foul-mouthed tirade against Liverpool and making offensive remarks about the Hillsborough disaster in an online video. 
Merseyside Police said a 25-year-old man from the city centre was arrested yesterday after they were alerted to the video on their Twitter feed.
It is understood the video clip was posted on the man’s Facebook page and later uploaded on YouTube yesterday.
Although police refused to confirm the name of the man being held for questioning, his video was believed to contain rants about Scousers, calling them drug addicts and wishing them dead.
So fucking what? You've seen something you don't like on the internet but instead of just ignoring it you try and fuck up someone's life by reporting them to the police? And that's a logical and proportionate response? And the police have nothing better to do?

What the internet does is that it distances and depersonalises the perpetrator from the complainant. Put it this way, years ago when I did bar work, if one of the regulars had a few to drink and then started on a Nick Griffin-style rant about the "nig-nogs" then I'd tell them to shut up or get the fuck out. Problem dealt with, no police involved. Now imagine if that rant was a series of tweets...

Trying to understand the mentality, people are reporting this stuff to the police because they see the stories in the papers where action has been taken. It's also very easy to report such a "crime" when most police forces have Twitter and Facebook accounts and a complaint can be made with a quick tweet or wall post.

As for solutions, I still maintain that unless the police want to be swamped with complaints because someone is being a dick on the internet is to only deal with the most serious, sustained, and credible threats and harassment whilst at same time prosecuting those wasting police time in a high profile manner. Besides, if you can't handle someone being a dick on the internet without running to the police, you probably shouldn't be on the internet.

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