Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tax-dodging activists

Oh no, Prince Charles is apparently dodging tax!:
HMRC has been asked to investigate alleged tax avoidance by Prince Charles's £700m hereditary estate.
That's asked by an anti-monarchy group to investigate alleged tax avoidance by the way. But I don't care about that, here's what I'm interested in:
This argument presents three problems for Charles, [Richard] Murphy said. It is not true that only companies pay corporation tax – HMRC's tax rules say "unincorporated associations" and "groups of individuals carrying on a business that is not a partnership" are among the categories of organisations that must pay the tax.
My bold. Given that UK Uncut are neither a charity or incorporated, nor appear to have any formal constitution they will be an "unincorporated association". So where's their corporation tax payment then?

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