Friday, 28 December 2012

A compensation claim in the making

No let up in the festive cheer from me:
My husband's £35 Christmas lunch was a ready meal in a plastic bag: Wife's anger at pub's 'rubbish' dinner...
Yes, that's because you spent £35 per head at a chain pub you daft bint. Anything even half decent you're looking at £100 upwards and booking well in advance.
‘It looked like something I could pick up from Iceland for £1.99,’ said the mother of four.
And that's probably about what it cost the pub for the ingredients as most of your money will be going on keeping the pub open and paying the staff overtime for working on Christmas Day.
Mrs Chaplin said she felt ripped off after paying almost £400 for the meal for 11 at The Cricketers in Rainham, Kent.
For £400, Waitrose would have delivered everything to your door in a state where you could just bung it in the oven with no preparation. You'd get a fair amount of booze with that as well.
She had decided to take her family out for Christmas lunch as a treat for her father, Bob Lander, 62.
‘This time of year is always hard for my dad because my mum died at Christmas some 13 years ago, so we always try to make it extra special for him,’ said Mrs Chaplin, 41.
That's a nice thought, but hang on...
She said she was most disappointed for her father, who suffers from emphysema and had saved up his pension money to pay for his meal.
Takes her dad out for lunch and makes him pay for it - cheap cunt.

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