Wednesday, 14 November 2012

UK Uncut Legal Action are alive!

Yep - just seen this posted to Facebook on 11th November, although they're not responding to tweets or emails:

Ignoring the court date update (and there will be a blog post on this on Saturday), it looks like Goldman Sachs have been up to no good (full article behind a stupid paywall):
GOLDMAN SACHS expects to receive a £13m tax rebate just months after a row blew up over a “sweetheart deal” between the bank and HM Revenue & Customs. Despite the bank’s multi-billion-pound profits, Goldman expects its British tax bill to shrink this year.
The tax credit is revealed in accounts filed recently by the bank’s ultimate holding company in Britain, Goldman Sachs Group Holdings (UK). The revelation comes amid an increased scrutiny of the taxes paid by big business. Global firms such as Google, Starbucks and Amazon have been left facing questions.
 Or is there in fact a completely innocent explanation for this?
The Sunday Times: Goldman Sachs due £13m tax credit after shares fall 
Goldman Sachs is expecting a £13m tax credit in the UK. Accounts show that the US banking giant had set aside the money to pay tax on staff share options. But Goldman's shares nearly halved in 2011, meaning the tax bill was less than expected, prompting the bank to book the £13m tax credit.
So this was tax that GS thought was due but actually wasn't. There's no story here.

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