Friday, 30 November 2012

Jewish Lizard Bilderbergers

Not quite, but we're pretty close in conspiracy terms:
A campaign to radically reform and open up the secretive workings of the powerful local authority governing the City of London has been launched by a diverse group whose supporters include activists from the Occupy movement, clerics and the Tory MP David Davis.
Now I'm all for transparency but there really isn't a lot to see here. As I've said previously on this blog, the Corporation of the City of London is a local authority with a few ancient traditions and fancy titles. It doesn't control how banks operate or are regulated, people and businesses are subject to the same laws there as the rest of the country, and whilst it may well lobby for the financial services industry, I would expect any local authority to do the same for businesses within their boundaries. That it has special secret powers and privileges is quite frankly bollocks.

Now the other argument is that it is undemocratic and that businesses can outvote residents on matters; well 7,000 residents v. 300,000+ workers suggests that it overwhelmingly commercial and therefore unique for any local authority in the UK. Therefore to not let the businesses within have a say in how it is run would be undemocratic. And on that subject and somewhat ironically, the group behind all of this, City Reform, are a bunch of outsiders attempting to impose their wishes on the residents and businesses of the City of London, whether they like it or not.

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  1. Rather bizarre that the Guardian, Independent and the BBC failed to comment on the exclusively white male and non City resident (unlike the Court of Common Council) nature of this odd little group. Diverse - My Arse!