Thursday, 25 October 2012

Where has the money gone?

Remember UK Uncut Legal Action? They were challenging a tax settlement made by HMRC in favour of Goldman Sachs. However just a day after the judge granted permission for a judicial review, HMRC released details of how the settlement was reached. Things have gone a bit quiet since then with no updates to their website and no tweets for over two months now. Given that the judicial review was meant to take place in October, there's not a hell of a lot of time left. In the absence of any update from them, and I did tweet and ask, I thought I'd throw the following out there - here's a extract from UK Uncut Legal Action's amended model articles that I got from Companies House:

What that allows UK Uncut Legal Action to do is to wind up and distribute the money to a similar organisation, the Objects of UK Uncut Legal action being:

So that would be UK Uncut then. Given that UK Uncut is not registered as a charity or company, has no constitution, and will claim everything is done by consensus therefore having no leaders, it's a financial black hole; perfect then for funneling away £17k raised for a court case that appears to have gone away. So prove me wrong UK Uncut Legal Action - let's see you in court and your accounts filed.

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