Thursday, 25 October 2012

The hypocrisy of the Left...

Now as I understand it, Occupy are viciously anti tax avoidance and evasion, so you'd expect them to be transparent and squeaky clean with their finances. Not so it seems:

This is interesting:
I am requesting money for the camera which can be bought and imported from the US for £310 - (the UK price is £500). The £16.99 strap will attach to any bike helmet and by purchasing 2 MicroSD cards, there will be an opportunity to continue recording if one memory card is full.
That's clear then; by importing the equipment from the US to get it at a significant discount, they're evading customs duty and import VAT. Completely illegal. Just wait for the usual excuses to come out - "corporations/banks/banksters are doing worse", "the protest is important enough to justify it", and so on. Fucking tax dodging hypocrites.


  1. What a call out!

    They are tax-dodgers?

    Whodu believed it?

    Others do it and they are scum. What does this make them?

    1. I note that they've taken it down as the link is broken. Lucky that I screen-capped it :-)

  2. Tax-dodgers??? Robin hood was a tax dodger??? FuCkThEQueEn...

  3. Actually- the reason I purchased the camera from the States was because none of the UK retailers had it in stock.

    The camera was correctly labelled and so incurred import tax when it came into the country. I paid this but as I was not sure how much this would cost in advance this did not constitute part of the funding request.

    I do not consider myself to be 'left' or 'right.' It was in the interests of transparency that each of the funding requests were made available in full.