Monday, 10 September 2012

This is what democracy looks like

It's been a while since I've written about Occupy London as all that's left appears to be a rag-tag bunch of around ten people, in varying degrees of sobriety with a manky tent and a PA system, ranting about police oppression and "banksters". One member of the group has kindly taken the time to video the proceedings and post them on Bambuser for the world to see.  One of these rants general assemblies has come to my attention* and features none other than the named defendant for the entire St. Paul's protest and general Occupy poster girl Tammy Samede. Watching around the 1:06:33 mark, we hear her say:
For what it's worth guys I agree with you...and I think it could be easily solved with a few well placed molotov cocktails in certain directions, might go down really well.
 Rather fiery and violent this peaceful protesting; perhaps there's a reason for it:

Ah, taken out of context. I guess it's only fair to watch what preceded her remarks then. At 1:03:45:
So what do we do then? Let's just fucking get it off 'em. Let's do it, right now. Let's go to their big fancy houses, break in, smash 'em up, take their gold, take their bearer bonds, take their shares, let's do it. Let's fucking do it man.
This is followed by another chap who appears rather intoxicated at 1:05:08 with this to say:
I think we need to focus on things more like PC Simon Harwood who lives in [gives out Harwood's address]. I think we should petrol bomb the cunt's house 'cause he killed Ian Tomlinson, and I think that's wrong; he battered Ian Tomlinson...why can these cunts get away with attacking people and they think that we won't bring the fight to them? They're fucking wrong, 'cause me and my fucking revolutionary army are fucking going to bring the fight to them, fucking bring them down with any force that needs be. Thank you, big up yo!
It seems pretty clear to me then that theft, firebombing, vandalism, and vigilantism is what Occupy London believes that democracy looks like.

* Hat-tip to Fat Councillor for finding this gem.

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