Monday, 20 August 2012

Social/Economic Cleansing

A good idea from Policy Exchange:

Selling expensive social housing as it becomes vacant could create the largest social house building programme since the 1970s. The sales would raise £4.5 billion annually which could be used to build 80,000-170,000 new social homes a year and reduce the housing waiting list by between 250,000 to 600,000 households in five years.

Sell the expensive property to fund additional, cheaper ones - more housing that we apparently need and creates jobs building them. Someone has actually bothered to come up with a costed plan that helps with unemployment and gets people on low incomes off a waiting list and into acceptable accommodation. Who would argue against that?

Oh dear, the left have gone fucknuts over this with the likes of John Prescott claiming it to be "social cleansing" and there's 900 or so comments like the one above in the Guardian article. Two things are important here; the plan is to sell off vacant properties, you know, those without anyone living in them, and second, it is an idea from a think tank, not Tory or coalition policy.

What we're seeing here is pure tribalism; that Policy Exchange is conservative and right-leaning is enough for the left to instantly shut down the debate regardless of the merit of any of its studies. Expect the Thursday Polly Toynbee article in the Graun to cover this with references to apartheid, cleansing, ghettoisation, and comparisons with the forced-repatriation policies of the far-right.

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