Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sounding off

Second day of the #PornTrial and after fisting, the court has been introduced to urethral sounding; in layman's terms, that's sticking stuff, mainly metal rods or sounds, down your japs eye for pleasure. Like fisting, this is a completely legal act but has landed Mr. Walsh up in court for having a picture of this on an email that was sent to him unsolicited. Let me run that by you again - a man is in court because someone sent him a picture of a legal sex act.

Thinking about sounding for a minute, perhaps an interesting comparison is with the Prince Albert piercing, a piece of metal jewellery is inserted down the urethra and out of a hole pierced at the bottom of the glans. One of the reasons cited for getting the piercing is for sexual pleasure. If Mr. Walsh is convicted of possessing extreme pornography, that would likely make the pictures on the Prince Albert Wikipedia page that I linked to illegal...

Background on the case can be found at the ObscenityLawyer blog and on his Twitter feed.

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