Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dunraven Windows are Cunts

I've been registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for many years now and by and large it seems pretty effective, bar Indians trying to tell me that my computer is running slowly and a few useless wankers who don't give a fuck if I'm registered or not. One such bunch of cunts are Bridgend-based Dunraven Windows who, despite previously telling them to remove me from their systems and making a complaint to TPS, have called me again this evening. So as well as the second complaint to TPS that I'll be making, I thought that a short blog entry naming and shaming Dunraven Windows would be in order. After all, would you want to deal with a company that not only defies the TPS but also the request of someone who asks to have their details taken off the company's database? Why would you spend thousands on their products if they act illegally in making unsolicited calls to try and get business? It certainly doesn't appear to be a company that acts with integrity from my experience so it's only fair to warn others. Even if you don't read any of my other rambling blog entries, please take a note of this one and forward on. Once again that's Dunraven Windows of:

St David’s House, Heol Mostyn
Village Farm Industrial Estate
Pyle, Bridgend
CF33 6BJ
T: 01656 743 572
T: 01656 745 035
F: 01656 745 918

They will of course have a right of reply in the unmoderated comments below.


  1. i am also fucked off with dunravan windows calling me i also made 4 complaints to the tps

  2. TPS will not make any difference to Dunraven contacting you as the only way that they ever get your details is when YOU actually give it to them either at a shop or at your door, TPS only takes effect to businesses that out source there data from other company's

  3. No your a CUNT!

  4. Have recently had dealings with Dunraven. This is what I wrote to them when they asked for feedback on their service.

    You need to change the way you do business. When booking the appointment we told Dunraven we would not sign on the day and would want a written quotation, and we only wanted your bottom price. We were not prepared to barter with the 'let me ring my manager', 'we can do it for such and such if you sign now'. Also told your re,p when he came in, the same thing. What did we get? A price, which then came down by £6000 pounds if we signed there and then. When we said no, there was a suggestion he could bring it down another £2000. Again we said no. Since then? Nothing. On phoning the company we were unable to convince the lady to get a written quotation sent out, she just wanted to send another rep out. Obviously, again, hoping to get an 'on the spot' signature. Nasty, underhand way of working. Wouldn't touch you with a barge pole for any further work and will definitely warn friends and acquaintance against using you.

    Doubt it will do any good.

  5. CLEARLY A BUNCH OF OLD MEN !!!! their just out to make a living the same as you lot...HAVE YOU NOT GOT A LIFE????? Well i for one have had many great experiences with the company and also worked with them for 5 years and they expect nothing but good quality of product and customer service... please get off your hoop and find something to do with your sad lonely pathetic life other than put a well established company down... P.S i'm pretty sure your negitivity hasn't upset the work load they have on a day to day comes to my point wheres this post going????? just remember its a multi million pound company not a micky mouse business and while your sat there picking faults out in your 4 bedroom house the owners debating what country to fly to next fuckos

  6. If a company cannot follow a simple polite request not to phone you would you trust them to follow instructions concerning your windows? A company that keeps making a nuisance of itself is not to be trusted and will not get any business from me.