Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bye Bye Occupy

Occupy proudly announce a new camp:

The Occupy Nomad camp in London has just arrived and are building a new space for political discussion in Hampstead Heath – the Vale of Health, which is managed by the City of London Corporation. The City of London have continually courted controversy from plans to commercialise the supposed ‘public’ space from dog walkers, swimmers and local residents.

The new camp has been set up overnight – aiming to reach out to the community to talk about shared concerns as they have in other spaces in Tower Hamlets and Hackney. There are currently around 15 tents and more on the way.

However, there are by-laws to prevent camping, otherwise the place would be swarming with tents every summer:

8 No person shall without first obtaining or otherwise than in
accordance with the terms of a permit from the Council, camp out
on any open space.

Having antagonised the City of London Corporation previously, I'd say the chances of getting a permit from the council would be slim to fuck all. Then the inevitable happened:

With this and the Finsbury Square eviction now going to take place, I'd say that's pretty much it from Occupy. Besides, they were far more likely to be fighting off cottagers than capitalism camped where they were.

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