Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pay Up to Target Sainsbury's

I blogged about Pay Up a couple of weeks back where I attempted to give an alternative solution to their issues with low wages. They've released more details of their plans and I'm pretty confident that Sainsbury's is their target - there's an existing living wages campaign by staff, they're meeting at Holborn station just up the road from Sainsbury's HQ, and they follow the corporate Twitter account. I'll give £20 to the charity of Pay Up's choice if I'm wrong.

Unfortunately, a serious and sensible debate between staff, unions, and Sainsbury's themselves could really do without being undermined by this:

Bring your drums, pans, whistles, alarms, horns, speakers, and other noise making devices. The big corporate target will be revealed and we'll be paying them an intimate visit in this launch party.

And the inevitable pitching of tents and super-gluing themselves to the windows...

On a final note, the Pay Up website mentions this little stat:

The company in question has seen profit's rise 299% over the past 7 years, whilst workers on low pay have experienced real terms pay cuts.

The seven years part seems a bit selective, I wonder why that number?

2011 Underlying profit before tax - £665M
2004 Underlying profit before tax - £675M


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