Friday, 11 May 2012

Occupy Hat-trick in the Guardian

Looks like I spoke too soon; Occupy got three articles in the Guardian today. First up, we have the inevitable eviction of Occupy Finsbury Square. As I posted last month, the site is majority addicts/homeless now and Islington council is going to clear the site and get them the help that they need. About time too. There's a good series of articles by Paul Davey in the Huffington Post if anyone was in any doubt about the state of the place, and he dishes out some harsh criticism, although appears broadly sympathetic to the movement.

Next is the Occupy Manifesto, put together by consensus of Occupy groups across the world. In a word, it's horseshit. It's on the same level as a toddler having a tantrum jumping up and down shouting "I want! Give me!". The manifesto ends with:

Take to the streets in May 2012!

And they'll be doing that on the 12th when Occupy London will be "meeting the 1%". When they say 1%, they actually mean "wandering around the City of London aimlessly shouting at empty buildings". The 12th being a Saturday means that the City will be more or less deserted, a fact not lost on most of those commenting.

So given another chance to get their message across after the disastrous Occupy CiF last year (Freemen on the Land, 9/11 deniers, undertones of anti-semitism), they have once again made utter tools of themselves.

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