Friday, 25 May 2012

In Defence of @KerryMP (sort of...)

Looks like an MP has said something controversial on Twitter again:

Since the expenses scandal, MPs have been forced to slum it with the povos in second class when they take the train. Because of this, MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy has belatedly discovered the chav, and she's not happy. Quite honestly, this should be a complete non-story; I hate chavs and if Ms. McCarthy's account is accurate, then he was acting like a cock and deserves her ire. The problem I have with this is summed up nicely by Josh Kay and Owen Jones:

Kerry McCarthy being, of course, a Labour MP. 

This non-story is, at the time of writing, in the top ten most read articles on the BBC News website. It shouldn't be. Personally, I'd rather that anyone could say anything about anyone without this nonsense - the tweets were simply someone speaking their mind, in the heat of the moment, flippant or otherwise. Seriously, how the fuck did we get to the point that something said off the cuff, whether or not it be controversial or offensive, makes the news? An answer perhaps can be found noting the political leanings of Messrs Kay and Jones - they know full well that Labour HQ would have gone all out nuclear on the Tories had the shoe been on the other foot. It's all a bit pathetic really.

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