Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Crying into their lentils...

Occupy London have just been thrown out of Paternoster Square on threat of arrest after three and a half hours of sitting around, culminating a day of action that drew virtually none of the attention that they crave. After being roundly ignored handing out flowers to commuters and dancing to a samba band at Liverpool Street station, they attempted to piggy-back on to the annual union May Day march before ending up in the sea of communist flags and Socialist Worker placades that made up Trafalgar Square. An afternoon march to shout obscenities at Top Shop and intimidate workers and shoppers was the penultimate action before the main event at the London Stock Exchange.  Unfortunately for Occupy, after months of inaction, the Guardian got bored and decided to fly Stateside and cover Occupy Wall Street live instead. But never mind, there is always May 12th where the plan is to occupy an empty City of London by hanging around outside the Bank of England for a bit. I can almost feel capitalism crumble as I type.

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